Patreon acquires Kit

Kit and Patreon are joining together to help creators get paid.

We launched Kit a little over two years ago with a simple idea: help people discover the products worth getting — and create a new kind of experience where your creativity and expertise actually earn you money. We were excited to see the idea take off as YouTubers, Twitch streamers, bloggers, and creators of all types used Kit to share their favorite products with their fans and followers.

As creators continued sharing the behind-the-scenes view of their favorite gear, several also started earning substantial revenue from their kits — in many cases, enough to make a meaningful living. Today, Kit has helped creators generate tens of millions in product sales; however what we’re most proud of is the many creators who are earning tens of thousands of dollars each month from the simple, beautiful product lists they’ve created with Kit.

At Kit, we are creators ourselves: We are designers, musicians, writers, and photographers; and a desire to create inspires everything we do. We set out to build a platform to solve a problem for us. With millions of users and over a million products recommended on Kit (a new product added every minute!), our platform has helped countless creators in ways we never imagined when we first started this journey.

Which is why today we’re elated to be joining Patreon, the world’s most successful membership platform for creators. At Patreon, we’ll be able to continue our commitment to connecting creators and fans and followers and to making it easier to reward creativity and expertise. We’re going to work on Merchandise, creating features that give creators a simple way to deliver their products to their members. It’s an honor for us to continue building tools that enable creators to share their life’s work while earning a sustainable living.

Over the coming months we’ll be working to integrate the best of Kit into Patreon. Kit will continue to be available for you to use while we transition over to the Patreon family, and we are committed to making sure all of your content links and revenue will continue to work as they always have. And of course, we hope you join us over at Patreon; together, we’ll roll out the red carpet to help you build a membership powered by your biggest fans. For more information on how to create a Patreon page, email

Thank you for all your inspiration, feedback, and for using Kit these past few years. You’ve made this experience amazing and have inspired us to build a better community and product. We are looking forward to creating more ways to help you succeed.

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