We’re excited to share some big news with you today: has been acquired by ConvertKit! 

Geniuslink has operated for nearly five fabulous years. In that time, we’ve improved the user experience and added tons more monetization potential for creators. Best of all, by powering all product links on, Geniuslink has helped creators earn far more and we’ve even made profitable. 

We see great potential for and are pleased to pass the torch to ConvertKit. At the heart of both companies is a commitment to empowering creators. With ConvertKit leading, our small team can focus on our core products and can get the dedicated attention it deserves. 

Who is ConvertKit?

Since its start in 2013, ConvertKit has been committed to building the operating system for the creator economy, developing the best suite of features designed to help creators establish and grow valuable businesses.

With this acquisition, ConvertKit aims to expand into new revenue stream opportunities for all types of creators with’s expertise in product curation and affiliate marketing and close in on its goal of paying out $1 billion to creators.

Later this year, ConvertKit will rebrand to Kit. This rebrand is more than just a name change and a new website on; it represents a new vision for creators.

No action on your part is necessary

Your current product experience won’t change and will continue to be business as usual:

  • Geniuslink will continue to optimize the product links on 
  • Your links will continue to monetize as before 
  • If you have connected your Geniuslink and accounts to support more monetization, they will remain connected 

We are huge fans of ConvertKit and cannot wait to see the changes to come. In the meantime, we will continue to support to ensure a smooth, transparent transition.

If you’re interested in ConvertKit’s rebrand to Kit, read more about it here.

Have more questions? Email us at

– Team Geniuslink


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    1. Thanks Rob! We are very excited to work with the ConvertKit (soon to be Kit!) team, and are very excited to see what they are able to do with the platform to continue helping creators!

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