Amazon is retiring aStore. Learn how you can migrate to Kit

As you may have heard, Amazon is retiring their aStore feature, leaving many affected searching for a great alternative. Enter Kit.

Kit is a community to discover, discuss and purchase interesting, useful things. Whether purchased on a whim or carefully plotted and researched, everything on Kit comes from the same source: real people. Not only does Kit allow you to discover great products, it allows you to bundle products into your own kits, shareable with the world.

With your free Kit account, you can create beautiful lists of products, called kits, in just minutes (that have more functionality than the aStore we might add). Unlike aStore, the products in your kit can be from any store on the internet. Plus, at Kit, we make sharing easy. You can embed your kit within your blog, or post them on social media with your short and sweet link.

We believe the work creators put into making kits should be rewarded, so anyone can earn money from the products they recommend on Kit. If someone comes to Kit and buys a product you recommend, you get paid and keep 100% of the revenue. We support many affiliate programs, including Amazon Associates, B&H, and more (you can find more details on monetizing with Kit here).

If you’re an active online content creator such as a blogger, or a YouTuber, you may be eligible to earn access to additional monetization features by applying to join the Kit Partner Program.

Sound good? To get started, head over to and create a free account. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

And if you’re in search of some Kit’spiration ;-), check out this fully shoppable Garden Tools kit from @gardenanswer

See you on Kit!


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