We’ve used your feedback to give embeddable kits a fresh update! They now include any descriptions you have written, and each product within the kit links directly to the retailer where it can be purchased. This means your readers can check out your full kit without ever leaving your website. Cherry on top? The new design looks great on mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Check it out:

Just like your links on, you can earn revenue whenever anyone makes a purchase using links from your embedded kits. 

How it works

To embed a kit on your site, click the Embed button on the kit page to open this screen:

Pick the tab that matches your blog hosting provider — for example WordPress or Medium. You can even grab an image of your kit if you want to share your kit on sites like Instagram.

Next, follow the instructions and copy and paste the code on your site. For Medium, it’s just as easy as pasting the kit URL on a new line.

And that’s it!


  • Austin Tuwiner

    Austin Tuwiner is a growth marketer and a main contributor to the Booklinker blog. He is dedicated to helping authors increase their book sales.

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