Amazon monetization changes

Starting on October 1st, we’ll be enabling automatic country detection (aka ACD/localization) on all Amazon links. This change should improve your earnings, but we recommend you connect one or two other Amazon programs to capture earnings from other Amazon storefronts (Eg, US, plus UK and Canada).

Why we are making this change:

  • Kit has a global audience (~70% of the site’s traffic is outside the US) and link localization is better for international visitors. Bringing someone to their home country’s Amazon storefront not only improves their user experience, but it also increases the likelihood of them buying the product you recommend.
  • Localization will usually boost total earnings for you, even with just a couple of programs added, by allowing you to monetize on your long tail of visitors (some numbers on that).
  • We saw some users who added international tracking IDs but did not have ACD turned on, losing out on commissions.
  • ACD was only eligible for links previously but now any Amazon link can, and should, be localized.
    The Geniuslink technology is really good at this!

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to add some additional international Amazon affiliate IDs to your account to start earning more. We recommend starting with (Canada) and (UK) in addition to the US storefront, as that typically suffices for most creators. You can find a complete guide we published at Geniuslink on how to sign up for all of Amazon’s international affiliate programs.

Newegg changes on the way

The Newegg affiliate program was recently moved from CJ to Rakuten Marketing. Unfortunately, this means that the existing CJ based “Publisher Website ID” in your Kit profile is no longer able to help you earn affiliate commissions from your links.

We’ll be pushing an update soon to support the new affiliate program through Rakuten Marketing. At that point, we’ll remove the obsolete CJ PIDs in order to start accepting the new Rakuten Marketing based “Partner ID” values.

What you should do

  1. If you use links in your kits and haven’t yet signed up yet for the new affiliate program, we’d encourage you to do that now.
  2. Wait for our signal (via this change log) in the upcoming weeks and then add your new ID’s to your monetization settings.


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