Updating Our ToS, Privacy Policy, and What’s Coming Next

Of all the blogs I write, it seems the ones about updates to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies are the least popular. Not because they get any less love, but the content just isn’t as exciting as a new feature or the exploration of a hot topic.

Well, hopefully this one is a bit different!

We ALWAYS want you to be familiar with what Kit is, how it operates, how important your trust is, and how we safeguard your privacy. Which is why we do our best to spell it all out in the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. However, this time around there’s a bit of an Easter Egg in our Terms of Service update to look out for!

The gist of this update is that the Kit Terms of Service were getting a bit dusty and needed a refresh to properly cover the evolution Kit has undergone over the last handful of years.

However, we’ve also been working really hard to prepare a major update to Kit. While we aren’t quite ready to go live with that big update yet, we do sort of spell it all out in this update, so we only have to bug you once about getting refreshed on the particulars of using the service and contributing to the community once that goes live.

So, while you closely read through this update, learning all the details about Kit and our policies, you’ll likely also stumble across a new section talking about some pretty cool enhancements. Can you keep it a secret, at least for a week or so? Thanks!

It’s also important to let you know that we’ve significantly updated the Privacy Policy for Kit. Your trust and privacy are paramount to us and this community. As a result, we’ve gone deep into the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) frameworks. You can bask in all the glorious details on the new Privacy Policy page itself.

Enjoy and, as always, reach out and ask if you have any specific questions, or leave a comment below.


Team Kit