The Gif that keeps on Giving 🎁

​It’s that most wonderful time of the year — when the panic of last minute gift-giving sets in — and we here at Kit couldn’t let the year end without crossing off one of the most important people from our list: you 🙂.

So here’s our “gif” to you — you can now create gifs from any of your kits. Check out one of our favorites:

​To make your own, head on over to any of your kits, and look for the GIF button on the right:

​Did someone say Secret Santa? White Elephant? If there’s anyone left who can’t figure you out, just slide your wishlist as a gif in their DMs — and hopefully this year you’ll get something you actually want 😇.

Happy Holidays! 🕎 🥂 🎄 🎊 🤶 🎁

Team Kit

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