THAT KIT CRAY: Check out new features & creators like Kevin Rose & Alexmr

Things that come in threes are just a little better, so today we’re launching three new features that are going to make your kit look great and be more useful.

1. New Kit Pages

Things are heating up ? at Kit, with an updated kit page. On the new page you’ll see a kitload of upgrades including a new banner at the top, and the option to pin your favorite kits & products to Pinterest — for those kits that you just need to share. Since we’re now in the sharing mood, you might want to visit Kevin Rose’s ketosis kit (what is ketosis?).

2. Liking Kits

Now, when someone sees your Kit, they just have to give the “nice kit” button a little tap, tap, taporoo to show their ?. Speaking, of tap, tap, taporoos, here’s MKBHD’s video gear kit which has been getting lots of love. Go get your heart on ?.

3. Saving products from kits

While we were a little too late to save this Kit, now anyone can save the products in your kits by using the ? . Once saved, products can be found on profile pages (click your icon image in the upper-left corner of Kit to get there).

We’re pretty sure that DJ Khaled would agree that this feature is major ? .

Here are some products worth saving:

We hope you think the new updates are the kit! Follow us on Twitter or stay up to date with our blog for updates on new features and profiles of Kit creators who make us swoon. Feel free to drop us a line with any questions, comments and emojis at

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