SwashinTV Complete Desk Setup Contest

Matt Philie, better known as Swashin, has made a name for himself as the founder of SwashinTV on YouTube. His channel focuses on gaming/desk setups, technology as a whole, and other random musings. We’re excited that Swashin is now sharing his tech expertise on Kit.

Kit and Swashin are inviting you to get your geek on over the month of May for a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card. Read below to find out how!

Contest Overview

One of Swashin’s popular video series is called ‘Setup Builds’ where he makes a complete setup within a budget — for example — check out this desk setup from MKBHD.

This month we’re inviting the Kit community to do the same. We want to see your complete computer & desk setup.


The contest begins at 1pm EST on Tuesday May 3rd, 2016 and ends at 1pm EST on Saturday May 28th, 2016.

  1. Go to and make an account
  2. Create a complete desk setup for $1,000 or under. It must include the following items: a desk, chair, monitor, keyboard, headphones and/or speakers, and a mouse. Once those required items have been added, feel free to add additional products that make the kit unique to you. Just be sure the title of your kit specifies what kind of setup you’re making! There is no limit to the number of items you can add to a kit, however the kit’s total dollar value cannot exceed $1,000 USD as based on the price per item from the products’ linked availability.
  3. Tweet to @swashinTV with the link to your kit and include the hashtag #MaySetupBuilds
  4. Follow @hashtagkit and @swashintv on Twitter

The Judging Process

On May 28th, Swashin will make a video asking the community to vote on a winner based on submissions received. Two winners will then be notified by @SwashinTV via Twitter on May 31, 2016.


Two winners will be chosen to receive a $250 Amazon gift card — use this money to make your own personal setup even better!

Update (6/2/16): Congrats to Giancarlo Albarello and Tim Mooyman for impressing Swashin with their own setups, and winning Amazon gift cards in the process.

Questions? Leave a comment below or tweet at us.

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