Shawn Corrigan, Photographer

Get to know some of the cool people on Kit. “I live to capture the thrill and excitement of life,” says L.A.-based photographer Shawn Corrigan who specializes in music and sports photography (and naturally has a pretty nifty Instagram, too). On Kit, he jumps right to the heart of the matter: a 10-item list of what’s in his everyday camera bag. Let’s look in.

1) What drew you to photography?

The freedom of expression and the ability to show the world how I see it.

2) What’s your most sacred tool and tip as a photographer?

Shoot what you know and be who you are, collaborate and build a network of creative people.

3) How can Kit help photographers? What are you most curious about re: the equipment your peers use?

I think Kit will demystify what’s actually in my bag. When I am out with colleagues, I am always curious about what is in their bags. One of my good friends and National Geographic photographer bag would blow your mind on how simple it is: one camera, three lenses and a ziplock bag of memory cards.

4) Your bio says you’ve seen 1,200+ concerts. Which three stand out in your mind as the best of all time and why?

  1. Muse at Summer Sonic festival in Japan. I shot the whole show on film with a Hasselblad X-Pan. It was awesome. I spent most of the show on stage with the band, then decided to get in the pit and experience it with the crowd!
  2. Foo Fighters. They did a 30-day tour of all the smallest venues in L.A. I happened to spend the evening with Kurt Cobain’s mom, Wendy, and her friend at Spaceland in Echo Park. It was so intimate of a venue, and Dave Grohl is such a great guy.
  3. El Guchino. My good friend Ken who is better known as Vacationer took me to see these guys in this tiny bar in downtown L.A. There were only like 40 people in the crowd, the band didn’t speak English, and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

5) Fill in the blanks: My most prized possession is my Motorcycle a 1970 Suzuki T500, because me and my dad built it from scratch together.

6) If you could ask anyone to create a kit about anything, who would it be and why?

I would like to kits from famous directors, Spike Jonze, David Fincher, Wes Anderson.

7) Show us your emoji!

Thanks, Shawn!

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