Get to know some cool people on Kit. Photographer Robin Roemer loves to take pictures of people. It matters less what industry they’re in than the quality of those sessions: “My favorite shoots are with people who have a good sense of humor,” Roemer says. She’s also producing a Web series with YouTube’s Hannah Hart all about volunteerism called Have a Hart Day. Here’s what makes her Kit — er, tick.

1) What’s the most essential item in your photography kit and why?
My favorite thing is probably the 50mm 1.2 lens. It’s small and easy to carry with you, sharp as a tack and produces really beautiful images.

Janelle Monáe by Robin Roemer

2) You lived in N.Y. for 10 years before moving to L.A. two years ago. Where is your heart — can someone be both a New Yorker and an Angeleno inside?
I love New York, but New York is a HARD city. It’s loud and smelly. It’s also beautiful and unlike anything else, but I needed a break. Living in that area most of my life and then moving to central L.A. and living in a house with a backyard with fruit trees is like being on vacation all the time. It’s always warm. I’m working on creative projects all the time now and not as worried about just surviving. So I would say I’m a Californian now. I like to take naps and have long lunches outside. Now that I’m here, I have hobbies outside of my career. But of course the ideal is to be bi-coastal. I’d live in L.A. in the winter, N.Y. for the month or two of spring, L.A. in the summer, and NY for the fall.

3) Name three items you’d put in an L.A. survival kit.

  • sunscreen
  • car phone cradle (you are going to need GPS all the time)
  • dry shampoo (we are in a drought and the water here makes my hair feel like straw)

4) Name three things you carry around with you everyday and why.

  • red lipstick
  • black Sharpie
  • sunglasses

5) If you could ask anyone to create a kit about anything, who would it be and why?
I would love a kit designed for someone new to gardening because I have empty garden boxes in my backyard and I haven’t a clue.

6) If Kit existed when you were a kid, name three things your child self would have showcased here.

  1. Snoopy stuffed animal
  2. a disposable camera
  3. swimming goggles

7) Show us your emoji!

Thanks, Robin!

Be sure to follow her on Kit for her favorite gear for photographers and videographers.

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