Paperwhite, Dream Pop Duo

Get to know some of the cool people on Kit. Paperwhite are Ben and Katie Marshall, Brooklyn-based siblings who pen shimmery pop songs. “Ben has a really strong sense of rhythm and production while my forte is in melody and lyrics,” says Katie. “We have a strong connection as siblings so we hope that translates through our music!” But the real question is, does it translate to their kits?!

1) How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard it?
Ben: We’ve been calling it “Future Tribal” recently…haha. Half as a joke, but it also kind of sums up the direction we’ve been going lately. I guess, typically, we call our sound dream pop. We love writing relatable pop songs that have a touch of wonder or magic.

2) Where do you find inspiration for your music?
Katie: Lyrically, I find inspiration from all around. Whether it’s a line from a movie or a conversation I overheard or a feeling. I try to act on these magical moments by writing them down. When you’re open to these moments, you find them everywhere!

Ben: I find inspiration from a lot of different places. Probably a lot of it comes from music and bands that I like, but I also get inspired by sounds or rhythms that I might here around the city or in nature. Sometimes artistic/scientific concepts will give me an idea, too.

3) Speaking of writing things down, we love the lyrics journal in your kit. Why are these analog tools important for songwriters?
Katie: While I will admit that I use my notes app in my phone almost everyday, I still find having a journal so important. At the end of the day, fellow writers should use whatever tool they are most comfortable with but there is something really nice about having a physical journal. It allows me to get everything out. On many pages in my journal I have lists of rhyming words and maybe a summary of what I want to say. Having everything in front of me makes my process of writing a little easier. It’s fun to look back at all the rough drafts and notes next to the final copy. Sometimes there are interesting ideas that were in the rough that never made it to the final lyric, so I can use that concept somewhere else! I really appreciate having a place to write down what could have been fleeting thoughts and then be able to hold onto them forever. I still have lyric journals from elementary and middle school!

Sample page from Katie’s lyrics journal.

5) What’s the most surprising item in any of your kits and why?
The most surprising item in our kit is a water bottle! It’s not something we’d normally associate with music, but staying hydrated keeps your energy and creativity up!

6) Name three things you carry around with you everyday and why.
Katie: I always carry at least one pen, a notebook or planner and some kind of lip balm. I’m a very visual person so having a pen and notebook is important to get ideas out! I’m also a huge fan of having a least one nice pen. They last forever and add something personal to your writing experience! Lastly, lip balm always comes in handy! It’s also nice to have a tinted one in case we have an unexpected meeting or event, I can add a dash of color and feel ready!

Ben: Headphones, ear plugs, and my laptop. I always have headphones in my pocket so I can listen to music or check other things out on my phone. I always keep my fitted ear plugs in case I end up at a show or any other loud activities. Lastly, I don’t ALWAYS have my laptop, but I do when I’m working in the studio. I like to be in real-time with emails and other computer -elated tasks. It’s also nice to have it with me in case inspiration strikes!

7) If you could ask anyone to create a kit about anything, who would it be and why?
Ben: I would love to see the band Kate Boy make a “Production Kit.” We love their music and I’m always curious what kinds of instruments and equipment they’re using.

8) Artists to watch for in 2016? Aside from yourselves, natch!
We are huge fans of our fellow Brooklyn bands and artists. So look out for Panama Wedding, St. Lucia, Great Good Fine Ok and The Jane Doze!

9) Show us your emoji!

Katie’s emojis

Ben’s emojis

Thanks, guys!

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