Minimum Effective Dose Kit Contest

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Tim Ferriss has built a media empire around helping people become their best selves as efficiently as possible. His advice is dispensed via his blog (2M+ readers per month), TV show, podcast, social media and, of course, his 4-Hour books, which have been translated into 30+ languages and spent years on bestseller lists. In other words, the man knows a thing (or 10) about how to live a carefully crafted life. You can now find some of his top recommended products on Kit.

It’s the start of a New Year, and Tim wants to help you become the best version of yourself. You can win a kit worth up to $500 to help get you there — read below to find out how.

Contest Overview

You may be familiar with one of Tim’s theories called the “Minimum Effective Dose,” or MED for short. The MED is the smallest dose of something (medicine, exercise, activity, gear, etc.) that will produce the outcome you want, or, say, 80% of it.

Your challenge is to create a Minimum Effective Dose kit for any skill, hobby or activity you know extremely well. In total, the items in the kit should not cost more than $500. For instance, what is the MED of gear for outdoor photography? Or for CrossFit, cross-stitching, or DJing? Oil painting or dog training? Anything goes, as long as you know the skill well… and the total cost of everything combined is $500 or less.


The contest begins at 7:30pm EST on Thursday Jan 7th 2016 and ends at 4pm EST on Monday Jan 11th 2016.

1.Create 1 Minimum Effective Dose kit via You can create as many kits as you’d like, but please note that only ONE submitted URL per user will be considered for entry to the competition.

2. Do one of the following:

a) Tweet the URL to your kit, ensuring you include the hashtag #4hrKit

b) Like our Facebook page & post the link to your kit as a comment in the contest post here. Be sure to include #4hrKit in your post.

The Judging Process

The Kit Tech, Inc. team will select 10 finalists from all submissions based on the creativity of the kits, descriptions of products within the kit, and proper submission via social media. Those ten finalists’ kits will then be published on the Kit blog, after which the public will be able to vote for the winner and two runner-ups. The kit creator with the most votes will win the grand prize, and the kit creators with the second and third most votes will be deemed runner-ups. The winner and two runner-ups shall be announced via the Kit blog on Friday, January 15th, 2016.

Prizes — Up to $1,000 worth of kits up for grabs!

1st Place: The kit creator with the most votes will be able to choose, and shall receive, any kit of their choosing on up to $500 in value. 2nd and 3rd place winners will be able to choose, and shall receive, any kit up to $250 in value.

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