Justin Khanna’s What’s in my Knife Bag 2020 Kit Contest

Justin previously cooked in restaurants ranked as “best in the world” and with multiple Michelin stars such as the French Laundry, Grace, and Lysverket. Now, videos published on his YouTube channel give his viewers an unfiltered eye into the world of the culinary arts as well as unique insights and advice that only an accomplished chef could provide. His vast range of experience makes him a trusted resource for many, and we’re pumped that he’s sharing his knowledge and expertise on Kit.

Kit and Justin Khanna are inviting you to enter a contest to win your very own Japanese-made knife, hand-selected by Justin Khanna himself. Read below to see how you can win and to see details on the knives.

Contest Overview

If you’re subscribed to Justin Khanna’s YouTube channel (if not we recommend you do), you’ve likely seen his new “What’s in my Knife Bag 2020” video. In this video, Justin shows you the essential gear that he packs in his knife bag when he goes to work in a kitchen. 

Now, Kit and Justin Khanna are inviting you to show us your kitchen essentials or what makes it into your dream knife bag. We want to see your favorite tools for creating a culinary masterpiece.

Entry Period & How to Enter

The contest begins at 12 pm PST on Monday, April 20th, 2020, and ends at 12 pm PST on Friday, May 1st, 2020.

1. Go to and make an account/or sign in.

2. Create a complete Knife Bag Kit at any price point. It should contain all of your kitchen essentials. To see an example, you can check out Justin Khanna’s Knife Bag 2020 Kit.

3. Make sure to use the hashtag #KnifeBag2020 in the description field of your Kit. If you do not use the #KnifeBag2020 hashtag, you will not be entered into the contest.

4. Creating a Kit with the hashtag #KnifeBag2020 will enter you to win one of the three knives, but we’re leaving it up to you to tailor your submission depending on which knife you prefer. Additional actions you take after you create your Kit will influence if and which knives you can win.

a. Share your Kit with your friends/followers to get the most likes on your Kit, or explore other submissions and vote on your favorites.

b. Comment on Justin Khana’s Knife Bag 2020 video with your Knife Bag Kit link. You can check out Justin Khana’s Knife Bag 2020 video here.

c. Subscribe, if you’re not already, to Justin Khanna’s email list. You can sign up for Justin’s email list here.


Three winners will be chosen to receive a Japanese-made knife selected by Justin Khanna himself.

The knives range from 150mm to 240mm; you can check out each of them below.

The Judging and Selection Process

The entrant whose Kit under the #KnifeBag2020 receives the most likes will win the 240mm Suisin knife.

Justin will select one entrant to win the 180mm Takayuki Knife from those who comment and share their Knife Bag 2020 Kit in the comments to Justin’s Knife Bag 2020 video.

An entrant whose email address on their Kit account matches a random subscriber on Justin’s email list will be randomly selected to win the 15cm Misono knife.

On May 4th, Winners will be announced on Justin Khanna’s YouTube community and Twitter. Winners will be contacted via the email address they used to sign up with on Kit.

Questions? Leave a comment below.

YouTube Contest and Community Guidelines:

YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest and is released from any and all liability related to this contest.