Got Questions?

What is Kit?

Kit is a community to discover, discuss and get interesting, useful things. Whether purchased on a whim or carefully plotted and researched, everything on Kit comes from the same source: real-life experience. Kit is powered by passionate people sharing the products that get them through life efficiently and in style. These are tried and tested tools, products, gear and recommendations, for everyone from photographers 📷 to music producers 🎤 to travelers to fitness freaks 🚴 to anyone with pockets to fill and places to go.

What is a kit?

A kit is a collection of someone’s favorite items or products, generally grouped together around a specific purpose, activity or adventure. Examples include “Travel Necessities for Long Flights,” “DJ Start Up Kit,” “Jeep Camping” and everything you need for “SoulCycle Survival.” There’s even an oatmeal kit, for Drake’s sake! The possibilities are endless, so go explore.

What do I need to use Kit?

To create your own kit, you’ll need to sign in to Kit using an existing Twitter or Facebook account. Anyone can visit and explore

How can I create a username?

First sign up for Kit with either your Twitter account or Facebook account and you will be able to create a username.

How do I create a kit?

“To kit” is easy. Just click the big green “+” button in the top right of your screen. Then either paste a link to a product from any website in the world, or search for it. Once you’ve found the product, write a few words or sentences about why you’re recommending it, what you like about it and what it means to you. This is so important! Your stories and anecdotes about the products you’re recommending are an essential part of what makes Kit a valuable place for anyone who visits. Without your voice, products are a little more lonely. Tear😥. Once you’ve picked a product, decide in what kit your product belongs and create your first kit.

Can people buy my recommendations?

Sure! As long as you’ve provided a link to a product page where someone can checkout.

Can I edit my kit after I post it?

Absolutely. Keep updating it to reflect your latest recommendations and discoveries.

To rearrange the order of items in your kit, hit edit on the kit and select and drag the item images to their new position.

How can I find other kits?

Click Explore at the top left of every page to check out other people’s kits. As you’ll notice, they are sorted by category. Start clicking around and get to exploring! The ability to search will be coming soon, so stay tuned to our blog for updates.

Can I share a kit?

Yes, and we think you should! Either copy and paste the link to your kit, or share directly to social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Be sure use #kit when sharing on social — we love to see what you’re creating and will shout you out too.

I love that kit — can I comment?

If you see a kit you like or a product that made your life better, please show your appreciation by writing a comment and telling the creator in the kit’s comments!

Can I make money from my kit?

Yes, you can. Check out our Help Center for more info on how that works.

I’m a company that wants to post kits, can I do that?

Yes you may! It’s OK to endorse your own products or business, just make sure it’s not excessive, it’s in context, and it’s done in a genuine spirit of helping others.

What if I find an item that’s really offensive. Who do I tell?

If you see something, say something: use the “report” button on any item to flag content that’s offensive or doesn’t adhere to these guidelines. Someone will review it within 48 hours.

Are all kits public, or can I create private kits?

Everything is public on Kit for now.

Can I block people from following me or seeing my kits?

No, but please let us know if anyone is harassing you. That’s not cool.

What now?

Go create a kit, rockstar!

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