For the New Kits on the Block: A Guide for N00bs

Welcome! So you’re curious about what Kit is and does, eh? Kit is a community to discover, discuss and get interesting products — grouped into kits — for activities like traveling, DJing, cooking, cycling and more. Anyone can get started browsing the tens of thousands of product recommendations already on Kit through search, the homepage, discover or explore areas, but to become a Kit creator, you must…

1) Create an account

You’ll need to use Facebook or Twitter to create an account on Kit. Having an account on Kit lets you create your own kits, follow other great people, and get product recommendations delivered to your homepage and elsewhere.

2) Recommend products

Hit that in the upper right corner of the page to create your first kit. Get creative with the title/description and be sure to include comments on each item in your kit — let your personality and expertise shine! For example, a kit called “Gear that won’t break, or break your back, when you travel 100,000 miles a year” is a lot more descriptive and shows what you know versus just “Travel Gear.” Every title doesn’t have to be so long, but the point is: you want your deep expertise to stand out. That’s why you’re here!

3) Share your kit

You now have a beautiful collection of products you’ve tried and tested, time to show them off! Share your kit by clicking on the social icons at the top of each kit page, or simply copy the kit’s URL to include in your own emails, posts, etc.

4) Find cool kits, and give kudos

If you see an item or kit you like, “heart it,” or chime in on the comments to add to the dialog about a product. The creator will appreciate it!

So that’s the gist of Kit, in a few easy steps. Follow our Twitter and blog for updates on new features and profiles of Kit creators who make us swoon (you’re next!). Check out our Help Center for FAQs, or feel free to drop us a line with additional questions, comments and emojis to

~Team Kit

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