Creator Snapshot: How filmmaker & YouTuber Kraig Adams is on pace to earn $100K a year with Kit

A common question we hear from our creators is “How can I be more successful on Kit?” Although we don’t have all the answers, we do believe there’s nothing better than sharing experience and knowledge from creators like you. Enter our Creator Snapshot — an inside look at how some of our most successful creators get the most out of Kit.

For our first-ever Creator Snapshot, we are excited to feature Kraig Adams. Through his helpfulness and savviness, Kraig is on pace to earn $100K this year from Kit. Keep reading to learn more about how he does it.

Meet Kraig
Kraig is an entrepreneur and filmmaker, best known for founding the online community Wedding Film School. When he’s not busy building his business, he’s sharing his craft on YouTube. Kraig has spent time honing his filmmaking and photography skills, and shares his knowledge with his followers any chance he gets.

How Kraig Uses Kit

As Kraig’s audience grew, so did the number of questions he received about his gear. It was tough for him to keep up with all of the tweets, DMs, and Q&A across all of his social media accounts. He tried answering these questions using product links at the top of his videos, but these quickly became outdated and confusing.

Kraig used Kit to solve this problem.

Now he puts all the filmmaking tools he recommends directly on Kit. Instead of sifting through outdated product links, Kraig’s followers visit Kit to find all of Kraig’s favorite gear.

In Kraig’s words

“Kit is the best place to host my gear. It makes what would be a gear page on a niche personal website into an open community where anyone can discover, interact with, and share products. I love that I am able to answer questions for anyone who visits my kits. I’m getting more clicks and making more money by being on Kit.”

Kraig’s kits

  • Kraig has over 100 items across several kits.
  • His kits cover different types of filmmaking and budget levels.
  • He adds a description to all his recommendations on Kit, to help his followers find the best products.

Kraig is earning from his expertise

Kraig’s Top-5 Kit tips

  1. Add a “Gear” button on your website that points directly to your Kit profile.
  2. Place a link to Kit that says “My Favorite Gear” at the top of the description for each of your YouTube videos.
  3. Put time into your product descriptions on Kit, and include links to video reviews or tutorials if you have them.
  4. Make sure every item in your kit looks clean. Upload a new picture if the one provided isn’t good enough.
  5. Replace any long products titles with shorter, simpler ones that are easy to understand.

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